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He was on the floor sobbing. – June 20, 2017

He was actually on the floor in the prayer room sobbing! By, Jo Ann Carpenter


The other evening after the Meal Ministry one of our residents came in on the phone and was in a deep conversation.  He was upset and after the call was ended he loudly asked to be let into the prayer room, he needed to pray, NOW!  So I opened the door for him.

After about a minute I looked in the door window to check on him.  He was on his knees with his head on the floor sobbing!  Another minute and I checked again and saw the same thing.  One more minute and seeing he was still crying, my heart went out to him in his distress.

I gently knocked on the door and slowly opened it.  He never looked up.  So I sat on the floor next to him and prayed out loud for him.  I related back to the scripture where Jesus said we are part of his spiritual family, and asked for Jesus to hear this prayer for my brother and to reach out and wrap His loving arms around him and grant him peace.

He stopped crying, began listening to my voice and prayer, relaxed, and was lying on the floor of the room.  A calm peace had come over him.  I let him be still for a couple minutes and then I spoke to him, “Thank you for letting me pray for you. Now I need you to help me.  I could use some help getting up off this floor. My knees are bad and I am old,” I said with a smile on my face.  He did help me up but never said a word.  I offered to let him go lie down in his bunk, but he walked outside.

I went into the kitchen where I had a meeting set up with our Resident Assistants.  We were doing a training class on safe food handling with them.  I had just begun to go over some items on my list when my new friend came into the group, grabbed the hands next to him, and said, “We need to pray.”

He began praying a blessing on all the Refuge of Hope Family asking God to work in our lives.  He asked all of his requests in the name of Jesus and it was amazing!

This gentleman is new to our shelter and I did not even know his name, but God prompted me to get on the floor beside him and pray.  To comfort my brother in his time of need.

Yep… I thought to myself, this is family and I thank God for the opportunity to serve others through Him!