Summer of Hope

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Most of us look forward to the summer months. From enjoying days at the park to relaxing with friends and family in the backyard, an Ohio summer is truly beautiful.

For our neighbors experiencing homelessness and other crises, the despair they feel in June, July and August is just as great as any other month. 

Trying to survive on the streets during the summer is as dangerous as any other season, too.

The risk of dehydration rises when homeless friends don’t drink enough water. Heatstroke and other temperature-related illnesses pose a threat. Then there’s the discomfort and stigma of getting through the day without a refreshing shower or clean change of clothes.

Hurting neighbors need our help now to stay safe and regain hope this summer.

Unfortunately, Refuge of Hope often experiences a summer slump in giving, even though the pressing needs of our guests remain the same.

That’s why I’m asking for a 3-month summer commitment from generous friends like you today.

  1. Return a gift of support in June to make sure weary neighbors have access to clean, safe, and comfortable beds each night.
  2. Send another gift in July to provide filling, nutritious meals each day.
  3. Return one more gift in August to provide practical life skills training and referral services that help people gain a foothold to a new life.

Better yet, send one generous gift by June 30 to help us prepare for every neighbor who turns to Refuge of Hope for help this summer.

Like you, I want every person in Stark County to know our doors are always open. People in need can come inside free from shame and embarrassment. They are welcomed, unconditionally, to receive physical, emotional, and spiritual care.

You’d be surprised by the impact of providing a cold glass of water or a cool shower on a hot summer day. Those small gifts can be invaluable gestures that lead a person to greater hope and life transformation.

Refuge of Hope relies on your generosity to provide the opportunities guests need to overcome challenges of the past and make courageous strides for their future.

So, please make your 3-month summer commitment today.

Or, if you’re able, send one larger gift today to provide support for hurting neighbors throughout the summer months.

I wish you and your loved ones a great summer—filled with God’s love and the blessing of knowing He is using you to transform hearts in our community.

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Duane Wykoff, CEO