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It’s Been Life Changing Being at Refuge of Hope – September 27, 2016

Being a rescue mission we serve the hungry and homeless. What you don’t see behind the scenes are the lives that are touched in countless ways serving with us as a volunteer and even those who are court-ordered to do community service hours.

I always smile when someone comes through our mission, court-ordered and clearly not happy about it, then finish their hours and continue to come in and serve faithfully as a volunteer. My kitchen is filled with many of these.

Here is a beautifully written letter by Anna  …

Thank you card

September 23, 2016

Dear Dawn, ULonda, LouLou, from Administration to management to our volunteers (priceless), service employees, residents and guests, Mel & Dale constant glue. You all have restored my faith in good folk’s. You have brought so much hope and happiness not just to my life, also to our guest’s and within the team. It has been a honor and a pleasure to have gotten to know you and work with you all. I have to say, don’t ever doubt or underestimate how your kind words, deed’s and a smile have the power to help and improve someone else’s life or them self. Thank you all! for your time, support, humor, and working in peace together.

The Refuge of Hope is true to its name, you all make just another building come “alive and shine.” I can see God through you all! Jesus is a light and the brightness that is in all of you is an extension of our Lord, I believe you all make Jesus smile too. <3 Everyone of you have special gifts, special abilities, from our Lord and you all share them day after day, choosing too.

I am humbled and blessed to have experienced a fellowship as steadfast and beyond encouraging each time I would walk through the doors. I am so going to miss you all – “like a dog stuck in the middle of traffic,” a sense of loss is felt as I write this. Dawn, ULonda, Lou and Julie they lead by example and roll their sleeves up. Our volunteer’s are so dedicated and work very hard. The residents and service employee’s work hard. I think it starts at the top and trickles down. Dawn & ULonda set the standards and with dignity, grace and wisdom their respect and hard work with everyone brings out the best in all of us!

You’re all a big-hearted group of people and have one another’s backs. That is not common in the work force. The Refuge of Hope’s positive attitude, giving spirit and mission is outstanding! We all need Hope, a sense of belonging, a good meal and you all provide all three and fill the nourishment of body & soul. I am very grateful for my time with everyone! Love always keeps us connected. In closing I want to thank our “men in blue” the police for protecting the world & our corner of it. Officer Watkins I enjoyed washing tables and sometimes getting to hear a good story. It made me think you all have mothers and fathers, loved one’s, many may have kids. We all appreciate all of your bravery, it is clear not everyone could do what you all do, risking your life everyday. Thank you to all the police officers our world would be mayhem without you all!

You’re Simply 

The Best! 

With heartfelt Love & Respect to everyone,

I will miss you all very much!     Fondly, Anna xo

Because of each one of you … “It’s been life changing being at the Refuge of Hope.”