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Make Every Day Feel Like Christmas (perhaps warmer at times)! – April 19, 2018

By Kristie Woods


What if every day could feel like Christmas? You know, that holly jolly feeling when folks are extra generous and there’s a special kind of magic in the air! This morning that wasn’t magic but SNOW in the air…on April 19th! But no matter how much covered the ground, it couldn’t hide that feeling!

I kiddingly wore a Christmas sweater today hoping to bring a few laughs to anyone equally as frustrated by the lack of spring weather. I got a few chuckles and a few more funny looks. One person wished me Merry Christmas while another asked if I got dressed in the dark.

It wasn’t just the sweater or the old Christmas lights left hanging in my office (which I plug in everyday) that had me. Today really felt like Christmas! Twenty-one and a half days since our power outage operating on a generator and lots of diesel fuel, AEP stopped by this morning to plug us back in! It felt like a Christmas miracle!

Then Santa (Tim O’Neill) arrived in his sleigh (a U-Haul), filled with 11,500 pounds of canned goods donated by Ball Industries! It took a dozen elves (residents and volunteers) to unload 5 pallets and put it all in the pantry “bucket brigade” style…in less than ninety minutes! It was as frenzied as Christmas morning and over about as fast.

U-Londa found something in her stocking (email) this morning, too! She received notification that she passed her training and was given her Manager’s ServSafe Certification for safe food handling! Joy to the world!

A day that started out as an attempt to spread some cheer in my goofy Christmas sweater while making final preparations for our Spring Banquet next Tuesday, turned into a reminder of how much God loves us and provides for our every need including His greatest gift, His Son, Jesus Christ!

Today marks one month of me joining the remarkable work at Refuge of Hope. I will always remember this day as the day we celebrated Christmas in April. What a privilege to serve in a ministry that puts a little Christmas into every day! Thank you to all the Refuge of Hope partners who help make it possible. I hope to meet you at the banquet April 24th!


Merry Christmas in April,

Kristie Woods