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My Peeps – July 25, 2017

By Jo Ann Carpenter

“My peeps!”

I find this term interesting.  You see it frequently on Facebook and Instagram posts to identify one’s friends on social media.

The other day as I was driving downtown, I saw several of our dinner guests, and thought to myself, “Hey, those are my peeps!”  No, we are not friends on social media, but they certainly are my friends and I care deeply for them.

I remember recently walking into McDonald’s on Tuscarawas Street and most of the people in there knew me and said, “Hey Jo Ann!”  Those are my peeps as well.  Again this has nothing to do with social media, but a deep caring relationship with people I have the privilege of knowing from Refuge of Hope over many years!  This even includes the ones who know me and I do not know or remember their names. (If you know me that is a problem I constantly work on… remembering names.)

Often you see the term “Refuge of Hope family” in some of my writings or have heard me speak somewhere and talk about this special family at the mission.  I think now I will just call everyone “my peeps” as a term of endearment to keep up with the times.

So, does that make me God’s peep?  I am part of His family and He cares deeply for me, as He does all of us!  That makes me smile.  God is the same God of Jacob in the past, the God of our present time and of course our future.  He has had many names documented over the years and those names range from Abba Father to Yahweh and many others.  He calls me daughter, friend and maybe now His peep.

As I think of how God calls me to Himself with deep caring, love, and compassion, I hope I always remember to share that same love and compassion with all my Refuge of Hope Peeps!  And that includes all of you!