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Pizza and game night with our residents – March 13, 2018

By Jo Ann Carpenter

Last Friday evening a group came to Refuge of Hope bringing pizza, pop, and games. Our intent was to share a couple hours with our resident men on a Friday night.

Oh, my!  What an amazing experience it was.  There were tables full of Uno, Euchre, Jenga, Chess, Checkers and lots of laughter and conversation.  “That was the most meaningful thing I have ever done in my life,” said one of our volunteers.

I belong to a singles group called SWAG from Rivertree Church!  We were searching for an outreach event and I suggested coming to the mission of course.  I have been trying for years to get groups to come down and spend a couple hours with our men.  This is the first time anyone said yes and it was a perfect evening.

The men enjoyed the company and of course the pizza.  But I think what they found the most enjoyable was just being part of a group having fun on a Friday night!

I am so grateful to our group for reaching out to our residents at Refuge of Hope in this very special way.  It was a great party and I encourage you to contact me and schedule your night with our residents!

Serving in the Meal Ministry is rewarding of course, but those two hours we spent with the men, was beyond special.

In case you didn’t know, I also have opportunities to serve breakfast to the men on Christmas morning and this year on Easter!  Don’t let missed ministry opportunities pass you by, don’t let loving others by serving go undone.  Grab your blessings and share them with someone who needs your smile, to beat you at Uno, or just share a slice of pizza.

I am serious dear friends!  Call me to schedule your “game night” today!  My phone is 330-280-2153 and email is