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Year End Giving … ASK! – December 7, 2016

Have you ever donated to a cause in good faith and thought to ask what percentage (%) of your dollar goes towards the actual cause?

If an organization has contacted you, asking you to donate your hard-earned money, ASK! Take time to seek information before donating to a charity or cause to help in your decision making process.

  • Ask! What percentage of the contribution will actually be spent on the charitable purpose of the organization? (In some instances, less than 20% of the money collected will be applied to the charitable cause.)
  • Who is making the request? A charity or a 3rd party commercial fundraiser? Ask! Do you work for the organization or an outsourcing company?
  • Ask! How will my donation be used?

At Refuge of Hope 81% of all donations goes to client services!

  • 81% to Client Services
  • 8% to Administration
  • 11% to Development

An organization should be more than willing to take the time to answer your questions. Research before you give.

Make your mark on our world with a charitable donation to a cause that stirs passion in your heart.

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