Thanks + Giving = Hope Gala

Hope is the answer to solving homelessness and hunger. Thanks + Giving is how we get it done.
Together we glorify and serve God by providing HOPE in every bite, under every pillow, and tucked in every pocket. We give thanks for every Gala sponsor, guest, auction item donated and bid on, backpack filled, pumpkin sold, every minute the committee devoted, every prayer breathed so we can provide more meals, more shelter, more HOPE!

The Thanks + Giving = Hope Gala is our primary fundraiser for the money necessary to provide meals, shelter, and hope to those we are called to serve. Through your participation and contributions, hungry, homeless, and hurting people have access to help every day of the year.

All funds raised will be used to support Refuge of Hope’s mission to glorify and serve God by providing meals for hungry men, women, and children; emergency shelter and transition to independence for homeless men; and spiritual hope through Jesus Christ. Thank you for giving hope to so many who have so little.

Plans for Friday, November 10, 2023 Thanks + Giving = HOPE Gala coming soon!